Beard and Moustache Double-Sided Tote Bag


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A double-sided tote bag. On one side featuring a man with a long beard, on the other side, a handy comb to keep it under control. A little comb can alway come handy! Especially for those with lots of hair here and there. Or it might just be that you love combing… The bag has two layers of fabric, one layer is a moustache pattern, one layer is solid bright red color. You can use both sides. A cool casual bag for traveling or shopping.

Solid color layer is hand screen printed in black, water based, eco friendly inks. Sewn in my studio.

Material: solid color 100% cotton, pattern 80% cotton, 20% polyester
Size: 32x38cm, 12,5×15 inches

Wash at 30°C (86°F).


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beard and comb double sided red tote bagBeard and Moustache Double-Sided Tote Bag