I want to give you a smile… cause we can never have too much of it :)

Welcome to Bobolink Studio! You’ve just landed at a special place, a small fair of t-shirts and other hand printed accessories. And I am Sonia, the designer and maker of all the products in this store.

Based in the Netherlands, Bobolink creates simple but clever designs with a twist of humor. Most of my creations are single screen-printed items or one-of-a kind pieces (applies to the hand-drawn) ranging from graphic tees, tote bags and more. All made for people who don’t take themselves too seriously and want to feel special and unique.

I design, hand screen print and sew every item in my studio so that I can ensure the high quality of print and the attention to detail. Nevertheless, as the printing is done by hand, small imperfections are possible and they are part of the design.

I like experimenting and I’m always up to something new. So don’t forget to check out this store in the future. There’ll always be a new surprise, and for me too.

Thanks for visiting.

Bringing you joy as a happy-go-lucky bobolink
bobolink /ˈbɒbəlɪŋk/ A North American song bird

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